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Rank Testing Information

Students can find detailed information about testing for rank in this section.

General Information

Notice to all families

  • You and/or a legal guardian are required to attend a junior student’s testing.
  • Under no circumstances may you leave a child unattended.
  • Please keep small children quiet and under control at all times.
  • If a junior’s uniform is not up to standard, or if he/she does not have the required equipment you will need to update them.
  • Please do not call the center for testing results, they will not be revealed before the Award Ceremony.
  • Please discuss with your child how a result of “re-test required” will be handled.
  • Any student who turns in the registration form after the deadline will be charged a $10 late fee.

What if you don’t pass?

  • You will receive an email during the week following testing.
  • You did not waste your testing fee. There will be no additional fee required to test until you pass your exam for that rank.
  • You will receive a free private lesson to "fix" what was wrong.
  • A "re-test required" is a natural part of the TaeKwonDo educational experience.

TRMAI Rank Exams are difficult by design

It must be understood that not all students pass all exams. Simply attending class does not guarantee rank advancement. The more advanced your rank, the greater the preparation and effort expected.

White and Yellow belts must have earned their green, blue, and red stripes to be eligible for their rank exam. Black Belts must have shown concerted effort and dedication to receive permission to test. Remember, having a black belt and being a Black Belt are not the same thing!

Respect judges final decision

You must accept and support the final decision of the judges. Do not make excuses. Do not dishonor your Instructor, your fellow students, or yourself with whining and complaining. Disappointment can be a learning tool. Remember: nothing worth having comes easily!

Late / Re-testings

Late testing is only for students who have registered for and missed the formal testing due to an unforeseen emergency and students who received a “Re-test Required” result from the formal testing. Students may not register for late testing.

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