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Class Requirements and Recommendations

Tiger-Rock General Requirements (Minimum classes to test)

Cubs and White Belts
Yellow, Green, and Blue
Brown and Red

Black belts do not have a minimum class requirement, however they must show dedication and perseverance to receive permission to test for rank.

Students are required to meet minimum class attendance guidelines to be eligible to test. Class totals start over at the beginning of each cycle for all students. Minimum class attendance does not guarantee testing permission and/or advancement. Remember, minimum preparation often produces minimum results.

There are six 8-week training cycles each year.

  • Tuition must be current within 30 days to register for testing.
  • TRMAI membership fees must be current. Students with expired TRMAI memberships are unable to register for testing. Go to and login using your exclusive Membership ID and password to make sure you are current.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Testing Recommendations

Your instructor strongly recommends that you:

  • Accumulate 18-21 class credits in preparation for each exam.
  • Attend 1 regional competition every 12 months.
  • Attend 1 national event every 24 months.
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