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Tenets of Tiger-Rock TaeKwondo

Tiger-Rock TaeKwonDo students should live their lives according to the following tenets.

Tenets of TaeKwonDo


Nobility of mind and maintenance of one’s personal dignity in the face of adversity. Honor is the gift you give yourself.


Thoughtfulness and consideration of others, humility, civility, and politeness.


The uncompromising adherence to a code of moral values and principles. It requires soundness of ethical strength.


The steadfast pursuit of one’s goals. It is the quality of never giving up in the face of challenge.


The restraint of one’s emotions and reactions. Control comes from within rather than from outside forces.


The spirit which enables one to face danger with self-possession, confidence, and resolution. Courage consists of a reserve of moral strength on which one may draw in time of emergency. A courageous person will not tolerate injustice.


The responsibility to contribute to society regardless of one’s position in life. Civic accountability requires us to do our share and to be part of the solution of society’s problems. Remember: Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity an obligation; every possession a duty.


The quality of having much physical power, force, or energy in order to practice our art and be ready for life’s challenges. It is the capacity for exertion or endurance. Strength is at the core of our Tiger-Rock-like power to resist attack.


The quality of being respectful, unpretentious, and modest, not thinking that one is better or more important than others. A true martial artist knows that to show humility is to show one’s inner core good character. Humility frees oneself from pride and arrogance.


The wellspring of facts, truths, and information from which one operates. Historically, the true martial artist continuously collects knowledge throughout life to better oneself and to assist others.

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