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Membership Renewal

Student memberships are good for one year and must be renewed after the expiration of your current membership.

Membership Information

When you join Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, you become part of a large network of academies and clubs that share the same TaeKwonDo journey. Benefits of your TRMAI Membership include registration of your rank, opportunity to participate in Regional and World Events, and Member Academy Travel Visitation (benefits require an active academy membership).

Every new student receives a complimentary 60-day initial membership with the TRMAI. Upon expiration of your initial or existing active membership, you must renew your membership to continue receiving TRMAI benefits, including rank testing and participation in TRMAI or academy events. TRMAI Memberships are purchased directly from TRMAI online.

Your TRMAI Membership will be renewed for one year after the expiration of your current membership. If your TRMAI Membership is expired, your new TRMAI Membership will become active as of the date you process the renewal.

TRMAI Membership fees are non-refundable, even if you discontinue your academy membership or training. TRMAI Memberships can be revoked without refund for failure to follow TRMAI policies and/or guidelines.

You can view your own TRMAI profile and TRMAI Membership expiration date at any time on

Options for renewing

Go to and login using your exclusive Membership ID and password. Your Membership ID can be found on your rank certificates or you can ask your instructor. Your password will be either TIGERROCK or YOURFIRSTNAME72 (for example: NANCY72). Talk to Mrs. Contreras if you have any questions or need help.

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