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Equipment Requirements

Required Equipment

Full Uniform (Required at Yellow Belt)

Sparring Equipment (Required at Green Belt)

Sparring equipment is a requirement for all green belts and above. Sparring equipment must be TRMAI approved equipment with the TRMAI logo. You may only purchase your gear from your instructor. Maintain gear to ensure safety. Students will be required to replace gear that becomes a safety hazard.

Focus Pads (Required at Blue Belts)

Focus pads are used to teach students the accuracy and speed that is required to spar safely and in breaking boards. Focus pads must be TRMAI approved and have the TRMAI logo. These targets are used regularly in class. They are also excellent tools to be used at home.

Re-Breakable Board (Required at Brown Belt)

The board is a valuable tool to help teach students accuracy and to demonstrate power of techniques. Required for all Brown Belts and above, but recommended for students who are Senior Green and above.

Shoulder Patch (Required at Black Belt)

These materials must be purchased from Athens Tiger Rock Martial Arts.
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